Summer Vol.9 No.34

Date of issue: Sivan-Elul 5760 -- June-September 2000

This issue has been sponsored by the following parents of Torah Academy's Class of 2000:

Mr. and Mrs. Ackerman in honor of Chezki
Mr. and Mrs. Aron in honor of Noam
Mr. Barach and Mrs. Saden-Barach in honor of Yaron
Mr. and Mrs. Bendji in honor of Zachary
Mr. and Dr. Block in honor of Nachshon
Mr. and Mrs. Bronstein in honor of Ari
Mr. and Mrs. Burnat in honor of Adam
Mr. Dashevsky in honor of Meir
Mr. and Mrs. Eizik in honor of Eli
Mr. and Mrs. Elkin in honor of Elkanah
Dr. and Mrs. Fleischmann in honor of Yeshaya
Mr. and Mrs. Galanti in honor of Yosef
Mr. and Mrs. Gasner in honor of Ari
Mr. and Mrs. Gewirtz in honor of Zvi
Mr. and Mrs. Gilad in honor of Dovid
Mr. and Mrs. Glass in honor of Yitzchak
Mr. and Mrs. Goldsammler in honor of Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Joszef in honor of Yoni
Dr. and Mrs. Kagedan in honor of Chaim
Dr. and Mrs. Kirschenbaum in honor of Stephen
Mr. and Mrs. Lisker in honor of Dovid and Yehuda
Mr. and Mrs. Malitzky in honor of Aryeh
Dr. and Mrs. Monchar in honor of Asher
Mr. and Mrs. Pepper in honor of Reuven
Mr. and Mrs. Pomper in honor of Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Prupis in honor of Asher
Mr. and Mrs. Pruzansky in honor of Jason
Mr. and Mrs. Rosen in honor of Reuven
Mr. and Mrs. Rothstein in honor of Shlomo
Dr. and Mrs. Scharf in honor of Zvi
Mr. and Mrs. Seidenfeld in honor of Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Singer in honor of Noam
Mr. and Mrs. Teman in honor of Ari
Mr. and Mrs. Walter in honor of David
Rabbi and Mrs. Winkler in honor of Yehoshua
Mr. and Mrs. Zlotnick in honor of Shimon

Special thanks to: Avi-Gil Chaitovsky, Josh Dubin, Moshe Glasser, Dani Gross, Binyamin Kagedan, Yechiel Shaffer, Daniel Wenger, and Rabbi Howard Jachter

The staff of Kol Torah would like to thank our outgoing seniors Meir Dashevsky, Ari Bronstein, and Ari Teman, as well as Ashrei Bayewitz, for all of the hard work they have dedicated to Kol Torah.

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Links to the Parshiot in the Summer issue with their writers:

Rabbi Zvi Grumet
David Teicher
Food For Thought
-by *Dani Gross*

Doctor Joel Berman
Yehuda Turetsky
Food For Thought
-by *Dani Gross*

Rabbi Joel Grossman
Yonasan Shapiro
Daniel Wenger
Food For Thought
-by *Dani Gross*

Rabbi Steven Prebor

Josh Yehaskel

Avi Shinnar
Tzvi Kahn
Food For Thought
-by *Dani Gross*

Rabbi Avi Rosenfeld
Daniel Wenger

Rabbi Mark Smilowitz

Rabbi Zvi Grumet
Avi Levine
Ashrei Bayewitz

Doctor Joel Berman
Yoni Ratzersdorfer

Yechiel Shaffer

Moshe Glasser

Zevi Goldberg
Yechiel Shaffer

Doctor Joel Berman

Staff at time of publication:
Editors-in-Chief: Avi-Gil Chaitovsky, Dani Gross
Editor Emeritus: Meir Dashevsky
Managing Editors: Moshe Glasser, Zevi Goldberg
Publication Editor: Daniel Wenger
Business Manager: Yechiel Shaffer
Staff: Ashrei Bayewitz, Josh Dubin, Zev Feigenbaum, Michael Humphrey, Binyamin Kagedan, Yair Manas, Uriel Schechter, Yoni Shenkman, Gil Stein, Uri Westrich
Webmaster: KJ Leichman
Faculty Advisor: Rabbi Howard Jachter

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